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60 Minute Social Media Plan:

60 Minutes

Managing your online presence doesn’t have to be a massive chore, in fact you can make a hug impact in just 60 minutes a day. Having a great online presence does take a little more than simply creating a profile, friending some people and hanging out from time to time. This routine will help you create meaningful relationships online that will ultimately benefit your business or organization in a positive way.



  1. Post a daily status message relating to your area of expertise.
  2. Respond to any comments on your wall.
  3. Comment on five people’s status messages or updates.
  4. Check in on birthdays and send a personal note via email.
  5. Share at least 3 interesting links that you find.
  6. Comment on a couple of group or fan pages that you frequent.


  1. Find seven things worth retweeting in your feed.
  2. Comment on at least five things in your feed.
  3. Point out a few people that you admire. It shows your mindset, too.
  4. Follow back at least 10 people. (Choose people whose updates will benefit your circle)
  5. 10 minutes building relationships through conversation.


  1. Enter any recent business cards from networking to invite them to LinkedIn.
  2. Accept invitations that will grow your circle.
  3. Goto the Q&A area and see if you can offer up a few answers.
  4. Write at least one recommendation per week for someone you can honestly and faithfully recommend.


  1. Visit the comment section of your blog and reply to at least 5 comments.
  2. Visit the sites of a few commenters and comment on their blog if applicable.
  3. Use social tools like StumbleUpon to promote other good sites
  4. Write a post highlighting someone in your community or their blog.

It just takes about 60 minutes a day to maintain your online presence and spread the word about what your company or organization does through social media. It is amazing what maintaining an online presence can do to bring people out of the woodwork that did not know what you, your company or your organization does. I figure we are all spending some of our time reading emails and “playing” with social networks, why not make that time intentional and beneficial.

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