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Creating Websites that are revenue and results producing machines

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It’s very common on the Internet today to find Websites that don’t sell. How can this be?


While working with many small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations, almost all of which have Websites, we have found many making the same 5 fundamental mistakes with their sites. what’s even more interesting, when we look at their media marketing, print advertising and collateral materials, we find those same mistakes

Just what mistakes are we talking about
  • NOT reinforcing the initial marketing message
  • NOT reinforcing the product, service or organization’s benefits
  • NOT capturing visitor information
  • NOT focusing on the needs of the visitor
  • NOT using proven visitor conversion techniques

There could many of reasons why your site may or may not be measuring up the results you have anticipated. But, if you can solve the above five mistakes alone, your results will change dramatically. Instead of flat line or downward marketing program, you’ll see your qualified leads grow, sales increase, and your marketing budget go farther than ever before.


Go from a site that SITS to one that SELLS

Change Your Focus
The most common mistake—talking more about your company than about the needs of your prospects. If your site’s copy has more “we” than “you,” you should rethink the message you putting out immediately.


Visitors to your website, really, don’t care about your company. They don’t even care about the products or services your offering. Their only concern is how your company can solve their problems. Stop writing your copy like an annual report; instead convert it over to direct response style, proven over 100 years to get far greater results than any other style. This will position your site as an online sales person, because that’s what it should be.


Lead Generator
Thousands of people visit your site every year. But how much information do you collect from them? If your answer is — very little, then you’re losing data that could be adding profit to your bottom line.


Convert Visitors to Customers

There’s a science to increasing sales conversions on the Internet. If you’re converting very few visitors into customers, your site will simply continue to be an expense. With a few proven techniques for spiking conversion rates, increasing the size of the order, and encouraging repeat sales from current customers. Your website will be transformed into an awesome marketing investment for your company.


Better still, these techniques will allow you to keep selling to those customers long into the future—automatically.


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