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Earthquake First Responders Rely on Local Company’s App During Emergency

During California’s recent earthquake, first responders used Pacific Gas and Electric’s EmergencyPreparedness Mobile Application (EPMA) created by The John Webster Company to immediately respond to emergency.

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA/MIDDLETOWN, PA – Shortly after the strongest earthquake in 25 years struck Northern California, Pacific Gas and Electric’s first responders began logging into a new mobile application that enhanced their organization and response time to better serve those affected by this natural disaster.

The John Webster Company of Middletown, PA created the Emergency Preparedness Mobile Application (EPMA) as a solution for providing corporate first responders, public service first responders, construction contractors, excavation contractors and agricultural workers with vital information needed to recognize, respond and report natural gas emergencies.

The first responders used the app’s Gas Emergency Response Plan to immediately review the incident training aid and plan out the most effective course of action. Instant access to these resources provided responders with timely information about the proper steps to take in response to the 6.0-magnitude quake.

While California rushes to provide help to those affected by the earthquake, Central Pennsylvania has also contributed a great resource during this time of need. It was two local companies who worked together to create EPMA, making this valuable technology readily available to first responders.

The John Webster Company of Middletown, PA developed the app and backend infrastructure of Pacific Gas and Electric’s EPMA. The content and video training was created by Contingency Management Consulting Group, Mechanicsburg, PA ( The app is available on both the iPhone and iPad, but was mostly accessed with an iPad on during the California earthquake emergency.

About The Emergency Preparedness Mobile Application (EPMA):

Corporate and public first responders are provided access to Pacific Gas and Electric’s gas emergency training aids from Scarborough First Aid through a secure, password protected mobile application. These give specific instructions on the steps to be taken when responding to various gas emergencies. EPMA allows first responders to log activities on the scene and send images of the scene back to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Corporate first responders are able to use the app to complete an Incident Action Plan (IAP) that documents the resources used and needed to be dispatched to the emergency. The app also holds a library of vital information that was previously only available in printed binders. Finally, the app provides a comprehensive contact list, access to gas maps, organizational charts and training videos. All of the activity is time stamped and logged so that activities can be used for audits and training in the future.

Although the app was built for a natural gas company, any public utility, government agency or corporation that has specific emergency response needs can use it.

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