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How does a new business owner get started in Social Media?

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You’ve launched an impressive website for your brand-new business, embracing the digital frontier. With the prevailing wisdom highlighting the internet’s critical role in business growth, you might wonder, “What’s the next step?” Initiating your journey with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential. This approach will ensure your business not only makes its mark online but also reaches your target audience effectively. But where do you start? SEO is your gateway to connecting with potential customers and expanding your brand’s digital footprint, just contact a company like the Austin SEO company and get the help you need.

When Scott Monty, head of social media marketing for Ford Motor Company, was asked about using social media to get traffic to a new company’s website. He did a great job of covering the subject on his The Social Media Marketing Blog. This quote from the story sums it up:

“… I wouldn’t be concerned about getting people to your site/blog. Social media isn’t about getting traffic, it’s about building relationships.”

Read the rest of Social Media for the Entrepreneur to get a good insight on the best practices for using social media. He also includes links to some other really good references.

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