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Mr.Costsaver Radio Campaign Launches

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When I met Mike from Mr.Costsaver he introduced me to his full line of products to reduces expenses and gain tax credits for businesses. I knew marketing his full product line was going to be like trying to eat an elephant. Lucky for me, he was working with a business coach that was advising him to focus on his most profitable product. That product was the powwer-save electrical power saving device. Marketing this product was exciting as the timing of such a product was so appropriate for times we live in.


The marketing plan

Mike had already contacted the radio station and had negotiated his radio advertising program. I was left to come in and do what I do best – create the permission based marketing plan. I worked with the station to create an advertisement whose only purpose was getting the radio listen to log onto the Website, watch the demonstration video and sign up for more information.


With the Ad in production I then went on to create a landing page that would answer all the questions a skeptical radio listener might have. I chose to give the visitor a few pointed bullets and let the informative video do most of the work. Finally, I built a form that was easy to fill out and didn’t ask for too much information.


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