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Chad Harvey

What happens when a call to do a simple website update turns into a total branding makeover?


I remember having my first meeting with Chad Harvey. We were going to discuss a simple website update with he and his social media manager. It’s typical that these meetings start off very superficial and focus on software, hosting and services. The excitement happens when I get the feeling this business owner might be open to doing something amazing for their company … someone who is willing to trust the marketing people around them. Chad Harvey was just that client, he was open to a branding change. Over the next 60 days we worked with him to develop a brand that was uniquely him and one that would make him stand out among the sea of executive coaches. Here’s what we did:

  • We made him relatable by building a brand around the real life leadership struggles he shares with those he coaches.
  • We made his coaching personal by making him the brand.
  • We defined his style of coaching “Leadership in real life” which reflects his transparency as a leader.
  • We helped him write his first ebook titled “Leadership in real life” to introduce and reinforce the brand.
  • We redesigned his email marketing to align with the new branding.
  • AND, Yes we created a brand new website.

It was a pleasure working with Rachel Strella of #Strella Social Media and Dawn Mentzer who both created written content for this project.

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Client: Chad Harvey
Date: February 1, 2018
Graphic Design
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