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Plan \ Do \ Check \ Adjust

The definition of insanity is to perform the exact same action over and over while expecting different results.


It's really not that difficult to create and execute a marketing plan. Where most business owners and marketing professionals fall short, is in building a plan that is both trackable and flexible.


Checking and Adjusting — are the two often overlooked, but absolutely crucial steps in the marketing cycle. I believe in showing my clients results [ good or bad ] of the program, adjusting along the way to get more good than bad.


Landing Page Design

In order to make appointments and generate sales you need targeted leads. The primary goal of a landing page is to collect the contact information of each visitor.


Highly optimized landing pages make it possible to achieve conversion rates as high as 50% or more (meaning 50% of the visitors to the squeeze page submitted their name and email address).


A squeeze page consists of a headline, bullet points, and a subscription form. You can also add testimonials and audio or video messages to increase your conversion rates.


I use landing pages to track the overall success and failure of marketing and sales programs.


Marketing Integration

Having marketing technology is one thing—integrating into your overall marketing program is another. Combining the various marketing opportunities available in todays media charged environment with the power of technology creates an incredible lead generating engine.


I will work with you to integrate my technology into your program. Programs get more effect; through more persuasive messages, focusing on product benefits and constantly leading the prospect to the next step.


AND the best thing is you will be able to watch the process unfold right from the comfort of your desk.


My Office

Photo of my office

With today's technology there is no need to be held in by four walls. My office can be anywhere in the world where I can grab a WI-FI connection. These days I can be found at Panera Bread, where the friendly atomosphere and wonderful coffee play an essential role in my creativity.


Website Design

We live in a constantly changing world where nothing stays in place for long. Today the web is ruled by social networks, blogs and e-commerce. Every day thousands of new websites emerge and we don’t take the web as a toy any more. Today the web is a powerful marketing tool that allows businesses to make money, big money.


I know the web and know how to use it to profit. I are eager to share my experience with you and help you succeed.
Need a web design? You will get the best design you can imagine. Some may think design doesnt matter — only content matters. Without a stunning web design your website will be lost among faceless millions.


Blog Design

Chances are you have heard people go on about the benefits of blogging. The rumors are true, blogging can help you build your business and generate new leads. If you are willing to speak to your customers in a human voice and share valuable insight, blogging has the potential to kick start or boost your online presence.


I create custom blog designs that are built using one of the easiest blogging platforms—WordPress. When I design blogs, my priority is to match your existing look and make it easy for visitors to navigate your site. My service includes: RSS feed set-up, author accounts set-up, set permissions, create an about page, install appropriate WordPress Plugins and add links your blogroll.