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The World Has Lost A Truely TREMENDOUS Man – Charlie Jones

Charlie Jones Portrait

I didn’t know Charlie well, however the few times I had the pleasure of being around him my life was lifted. In formal settings he was the most gracious speaker I had ever met, always making those around him the star of the show. Charlie was a master at making people feel wanted, appreciated and important — a true gift. It’s funny as he walked around a room sharing wisdom smiles always followed right behind.


One weekend last Christmas I was blessed to assist Charlie with a book signing. It was one of the most fun days in recent memory. From meeting him in the parking lot (being greeted with one of Charlie’s signature hugs) to walking him back to his car, my face was a permanent smile. He shared some words of wisdom with me on how to make my marriage the best it can be — Which was simple treat my wife as a princess and realize that I was nothing without her. And, that was indicative of his philosophy about life: Serve others with a smile.


To think of all the moments like that one, Charlie has created across this world makes you realize how impactful he has. The man may be gone but his spirit and wisdom will live forever through his books and from all those people he has touched.


As you think of a time you may have spent with Charlie Jones; at a speaking engagement, listening to him on a CD or from reading one of his books — remember to keep his family and those close to him in your prayers.



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